'The Guess Who' Project for Treats! Magazine (NSFW)


Treats! magazine is well known for the eye candy and provocative nature of it’s content, and this shoot from beauty and lifestyle photographer Igor Ouseenko doesn’t disappoint.  The images of beautiful physiques aobscured faces are meant to entice the viewer into wondering just who these people are.  Check out the (NSFW) images below.

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VIDEO | Nothing Stops Detroit

A really cool short film following a Detroit street artist, who goes by the name of ‘Stink”, as he journeys through Detroit’s abandoned buildings in search of a spot to paint.  The film is shot in a really cool retro style that is so good it makes you question what era this footage is actually from.

VIDEO | Detroit Bus Company

Really cool video showcasing an important company doing important work here in the city.  It’s not everyday you come across people as cool as this with a passion for helping others and the opportunities to do so.  Check out the video and catch a ride when you’re in Detroit!


Barbour x Adidas Originals 2014 Fall/Winter Capsule Collection


Adidas Originals and heritage brand Barbour have collaborated for a beautiful Fall/Winter capsule that’s filled with beautiful tanned leather and Barbour’s famous waxed cotton.

Enhancing and modernizing classic styles from Barbour’s long history are what makes this collection uniquely special.  Their Baradi, Beaufort and Johbar jackets all get the treatment with an accompanying Adidas shoe.  

The pairings are meant to represent three stories: The Spectator, representing Adidas’ roots in sport with the Johbar jacket and the Adidas Originals ZX555 shoes. The Military, recognizing the military inspiration behind the Baradi jacket and accompanying Adidas Orginals GSG-9’s.  Finally, the last is Barbour’s synonymity with the countryside, expressed with the tanned leather TS Runners and the Beaufort jacket.
Hit the jump for the rest of the collection.

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Our Favorites From The Alexander Wang x H&M Collection


With the release of the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration just around the corner, I thumbed through the whole look book and pulled the pieces I liked the most.  I’ll start by saying this is a pretty awesome collection.  It should have at least one thing that everyone can get behind.  Here’s what I did with this selection: I recorded my initial reactions for each piece instead of writing the typical garment praise you’ve likely read on a thousand other blogs.  I tended to leave out anything that had “WANG” on it.  I’m just not into that, but if you are there’s more than enough WANG’s plastered on this collection.  All the WANG you could want.  

Ok I’m done. Let’s start this shall we?

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